Vehicle Hire

We provide support services by providing state of the art vehicles under our vehicles hire arrangement to group/individual, organizations, families, schools etc. This service is in form of short-term hire, pick-ups and drop-offs

Regardless of whether you are leasing a vehicle or transport in Lagos, we give the flexibility of having a vehicle whenever you need, with the assurance of a purified and infection free vehicle for your trip around Nigeria. With a wide scope of vehicles to choose from, Emerald offers helpful Vehicle Rental alternatives; with or without a driver, to drive down to close by urban areas or to move through traffic as you head starting with one significant conference then onto the next.


Emerald offers  an array of vehicles at very affordable rates.

We provide the best alternative to commuting and logistics through a strong network of high technological solutions that makes transportation accessible and affordable.

For your transport and logistics services, Emerald brings you the following Rental Services in Lagos:

Vehicle Rental, Self-drive Car Rental, Luxury Car Rental, Airport Pick-up and Drop-off, SUV Rental, Corporate Car or Bus Charter, Private Bus Charter, Service, School Bus Service, Staff Bus Service, Event Bus Charter, Hiace Bus Charter, Coaster Bus Hire. 

When you choose to rent a car or a bus with us, you can enjoy:

Flexible Rentals – You decide whether you’d like to rent a car for a day, week, month, or on a daily basis.

Several Options – You can pick from our wide range of popular Nigerian vehicles; comfortable Sedans, spacious SUVs and large Hiace and Coaster Buses, depending on your needs.

All-Nigerian Vehicle Permits – You can drive from Lagos to any other states without worries as our vehicles come with an All-Nigerian car  documents.

Limitless Opportunities – The cars or buses you rent from Emerald can be used for trips out of the city or for daily travels through town. Emerald also provides drivers for pick up and drop off services at airports and others

Luxury Car Hire – We offer a possibility for extravagance vehicles that suit your style.

Customer Friendly Brand

With Emerald, you can rent a car at your convenience and get it delivered right to your doorstep. We are a client driven brand that gives outstanding client experience and take our customers through our exceptional offer.

Emerald assures prospective clients an affordable and risk-free Transport and Logistics service. Whether you’re planning a road trip outside the city or looking for a convenient way to cruise around when you’re in town, we are here to give you an amazing transport experience. Rest assured all vehicles in our fleet are comprehensively insured to enable you enjoy a safe & secure vehicular cruise down open roads.

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