Operating Lease

Buying and maintaining equipment is expensive, and as soon as you invest in a piece of machinery, it won’t be long until another form comes out, making yours outdated or second rate. Due to the high costs involved in owning and operating equipment, many small business owners opt to lease rather than own and that is where Emerald comes in to provide necessary operating lease to our reputable clients.

Leasing offers advantages that owning does not, including lower monthly payments, which are normally spread out throughout months or years as opposed to conveyed in a singular amount. At the end of the lease, you may return the equipment or buy it for a price that factors in appreciation and how much you paid over the life of the lease.

We provide and manage our clients fleet operations to effectively support their organization wide operations. This is done through the provision of our operating lease services. Under this arrangement, we take full responsibility of the effective operations of your operational vehicles, staff buses etc.

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