Fleet Management

Fleet management is the management of all the vehicles in a fleet from acquisition and resale to maintenance, vehicle tracking, fuel, accident management and more.  

Companies, organizations and government agencies (non-profit, education, services) that operate 15 or more vehicles or buy more than 10 vehicles in a single calendar year are considered fleet owners. Vehicles are typically one largest operating costs for organizations that rely on vehicles to deliver their products and services. 

We have the infrastructure and partnerships in place to help businesses scale their vehicle needs, ultimately reducing fleet costs, known as the Total Cost of Ownership. 

We take-over management of clients owned fleet to relief them from the operational challenges associated with fleet management.

Emerald Leasing Limited is a fleet management company that drives efficient and cost-effective transport solutions to corporate markets across Nigeria. We aggregate vehicle owners, drivers, workshops, corporate and retail commuters through our peer-to-peer long- and short-term vehicle rentals and fleet management framework.

This has helped our customers to expand profitability by zeroing in on their core business and free out money that would conventionally be utilized for the procurement of benefits, permitting them to depend on our efficient fleet management system.



There is a lot your organization stands to benefit from working with Emerald Fleet management.

Asset Management

Single data bank of vehicles and reports delivers current, accurate and detailed fleet vehicle information, improving decision making and cost control.

Drivers Management

Detailed reporting on fuel consumption, accidents and driver behaviour saves your company money and other resources by reducing accident and fuel costs.

Fuel Monitoring and Controls

Up to 15% savings on fuel purchases can be realized when unauthorized transactions are reduced or eliminated.Detailed online transaction data availability improves expense tracking and coding.

Fleet Fuel Management System

You may have no control over gasoline prices, but your business can still reduce fleet fuel expenditures by implementing a fuel program. Custom reporting tools can provide the insights needed to enhance the company’s fuel purchasing practices.